Niaver Community Based Organization

sustainable agriculture, education, healthcare 


About Us

Our goal is to empower the local community of Bwayi village to improve their overall situation by introducing sustainable agriculture best practices, providing support in education as well as basic healthcare. 

Where we work

We are based in the village of Bwayi near Kitale, Western Kenya. Most of  villagers are small-scale farmers who rely on their land or seasonal jobs as their source of income.

Volunteer with us

As a volunteer, you can take part in a sustainable farming training, educational activities, construction work, permaculture methods practice, activities with children and youth, women support, vocational training, sports, community development seminars, fundraising, online promotion, website design etc.


Niaver Community Based Organization PO Box 4395 Kitale, Kenya

Call Us

+254 721 106 810 
+420 603 110 813