• We organize community seminars and workshops concerning sustainable agriculture, family planning, HIV awareness, nutrition and hygiene etc. 
  • We run the microcredit scheme to encourage community members to make individual investments, start  small businesses and manage their savings.
  • The center serves as a place where children can come to study and do their homework.
  • We  develop open-source library.
  • We unite and strengthen community of female farmers through open educational seminars, feedback sessions, interactive lectures and team-building activities.


  • Everybody is welcomed to learn about organic farming methods and get involved in community activities.
  • We prefer to plant and save the seeds of local vegetable like suchamureresaka and kunde that are resistant to pests, rich for nutrients and profitable.  
  • We use double digging beds to improve water holding capacity, prevent soil erosion, keep soil nutrients and increase the yield. 
  • The  yield from demonstration farm goes directly to local farmers involved in the work on farm. About 10% of profit is to support the activities of community center.


  • The construction of the brick factory was done by volunteers of the village community.
  • The small brick factory has an interlocking brick machine to compress the soil. The site provides shade for the bricks, drying space as well as storage space.
  • We hire the compress machine to the local people for producing their bricks. The income from bricks is shared by the workers and Niaver CBO for current projects ( 10% of profit) 


Niaver Community Based Organization PO Box 4395 Kitale, Kenya

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